Ginko Systems offers customers specific consulting on kiosk programs and rollouts. National and international rollouts require detailed plans to ensure success. Ginko Systems provides consulting to customers for the following services:

Strategic Planning
Ginko Systems can show you how kiosks can improve corporate profitability, reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction, provide expert information 7 by 24, and improve overall corporate marketing, sales and operations.

Project planning
Kiosks are generally part of a larger corporate strategy involving networks, secure communications, centralized reporting, logistics of products and services, cost/benefit analysis, and tight timetables. Ginko Systems provides consulting on how the total kiosk program can make your company more successful. Our consulting team, led by a senior staff with years of international executive consulting can ease the transition to a successful kiosk program.

Rollout strategies
A successful kiosk program involves close coordination with the installation sites, training requirements, physical installations, logistics, and project management. Ginko Systems has performed hundreds of successful rollouts of kiosks. Let us help you plan and execute yours!

Total Cost of Ownership
Kiosk programs can be cost justified by increased revenue, reduced cost, higher availability, customer satisfaction, and better service. Ginko Systems has specialists who can help you navigate through the various revenue, marketing, sales, and operations financial impacts of your kiosk program.