Ginko Systems Products

Model G6000 Ginko

TouchTeller Remote Pay Day Loan application
  • Remote, self service loan Kiosk
  • Elegant, functional design complements a wide variety of financial environments
  • Feature configurations offer great flexibility
  • Robust design supports deployment into a wide variety of remote environments such as grocery stores / convenience stores / Malls
  • Design for ease of use and accessibility for the disabled
  • Material and finish selectable
  • Wide variety of options for virtually any customer need
  • Brandable and customizable
  • UL compliant
Model G6000 Ginko

Hardware Features

  • Elegant, functional, rugged enclosure
  • 15" touch screen LCD Display
  • CPU
  • Credit card reader
  • Bill acceptor for deposits
  • Receipt printer
  • Phone, communication with CSR
  • Signature pad, signing loan documents
  • Camera, remote user ID
  • Document scanner, drivers license, utility bills, pay check stubs
  • Laser MICR printer, checks, contract documents


  • Alarm Sidecar to support (dispensing cash, Envelope depository etc.)
  • Check Scanner (support check cashing software)
  • Camera (support facial recognition software)
  • External Keyboard and Trackball
  • Video Conferencing

Physical Specifications

  • Height - 60"
  • Width - 46"
  • Depth - 22"
  • Weight - 170 lbs.

Electrical Specifications

Electrical requirements

  • 100-120VAC ~ 50/60 Hz, 5.0A
  • 200-240VAC ~ 50/60 Hz, 2.5A

Operating temperature

  • 32 F - 115 F Degrees
  • 0 C - 45 C Degrees

Operating Humidity

  • 20% - 80% Relative Humidity

Ginko Systems "TouchTeller Software" Remote Pay Day Loan Kiosk Solution

This is a total remote loan kiosk solution, which utilizes a network including dial up modem, phone line, check printer/laser printer, receipt printer, smart card, camera, MICR reader (for ACH), computer, scanner, and touch screen. The software would include a customer attractor and GUI script to guide the customer (English/Spanish), operating over an encrypted network tied to CSR's in your facility or other locations. This network would link customers at kiosks to available CSR's operating in a customer support center. Additional software would be created to allow the CSR to operate the camera, capture digitized documents, talk to the customer via phone, and authorize check writing. Optional features include, check cashing and facial recognition hardware and software.

Ginko Systems would support the kiosk and application software, network operations management and firewalls (NOC), CSR/kiosk matching and switching, and the CSR. The CSR's would continue to be employees of your company, while all other staffing/monitoring including custodial and maintenance, software licensing, network management, applications, and kiosks would be provided by Ginko Systems.

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