Rentals & Leasing

G4500 Kiosk

Ginko Systems provides kiosks for conventions, promotions, trade shows and corporate "road shows." Kiosks can be used for rental periods of a single day to multiple months. Rentals include "ballistic" flight cases to protect the kiosk and to ensure no damage during shipping and handling.

Ginko Systems maintains an inventory of kiosks for usage provisioned with touch screen, keyboards, sleek design all in a single package delivered directly to the location of your choice.

Rental programs are developed to meet your specific needs. We provide leasing programs as well tailored to your specific needs. Call or email us.

Kiosks provide a convenient way to communicate with customers at conventions, road shows, corporate meetings and trade shows. Marketers and exhibitors can uniquely brand the kiosk with corporate and product specific signage on the face of the kiosk.

Our large screen kiosks can also be programmed to provide computer signage to attract and communicate with customers.

Kiosks can be used for provisioning corporate information, subject matter information, cyber cafes, internet access, customer relationship marketing, information collection, and communicating your message to customers. Talk to us about your ideas, we can make them reality!!

Flight Cases

Ginko Systems offers the strongest and most durable flight case in the industry.

  • Built of one of the world's strongest reinforced plastic and fiberglass construction.
  • Cases are reinforced with steel corner braces to protect against damage from tow motors or dropping during handling.
  • Extremely durable latch and hinge construction
  • Casters are protected by a continuous solid steel construction to protect from tow motor hits
  • Cases are virtually indestructible

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Rental Flight Cases Rental Flight Cases
Rental Flight Cases Rental Flight Cases